Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nana's Bottoms Review

So I recieved my fluff mail the other day, and I was sooo excited!!! It was my first review diaper...and it is from Nana's Bottoms diapers... and I have to say THEY ROCK! If your LO is like mine (E is tall and skinny), you know how hard it is to find a good diaper with a long enough rise to them...well NB has a medium/long size diaper that has an extra rise...LOVE it! My LO finally has a diaper that doesn't leak out of the top :) And I got it in a super vibrant royal purple color, and it has the softest fleece (Hello Kitty!) is an AIO dipe, and I am hooked on my AIO's...another pro I found is that it doesn't take as long as my Bumgenius AIO's to line dry...LO wore it out and about for about 3 hours and it was just starting to get the damp PUL feeling, so it holds alot (LO is a super soaker, LOL) the only thing I would have to do differently for E is add an extra soaker inside for overnight since she pees A TON at night...if you have a normal wetter, it should be ok as is...and I'm not too worried about added bulk at night since the Nana's Bottoms are super trim to begin with! I'll have to add some action shots when LO wakes up!

And thank you sooo much Nana's Bottoms...the WAHM behind the shop is super nice and easy to work with, ALWAYS a big plus with WAHM mommas!