Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome to Technologyland

So, I have finally found the blog love in my life. I guess I needed it, I am a Stay At Home Mom to my 2 little "angels" L. and E....they are amazing and more than a little adventurous, so be prepared for many interesting updates...L. is 2 and a half, she is a wild little spitfire and quite bossy in a very cute way...E is 8 months old (already!) and she has been quite a handful...we have a FTT diagnosis for her since she is stubborn and doesn't like to eat...

And as you can tell, I am a cruncy mom. Yes, one of "those people"...dirty hippie, weirdo, think it, I've been called it...well, guess what? I am crazy and I love it...I cloth diaper my little bums, I don't CIO. I practice most forms of AP. I babywear. I make my own cleaning/beauty products. I use family cloth.

AND I LOVE IT. So there :)


  1. I'm crunchy just like you! I can't wait to hear all about L & E's adventures!

    What does FTT stand for?

  2. It's Failure To Thrive..she's my little peanut :)

  3. Another crunchy mama here. Love reading about other moms that are similiar, then I don't feel weird...until I talk to my friends or family.