Sunday, January 16, 2011

Whoo, I'm tired!

So last night was fun...E is teething right now, and was up at least once an hour...ugh...and the only thing that would make her calm down was holding her...I hate hearing her cry like that, but momma's got to sleep! Lol...And of course it took forever for L to go to sleep...she ACTUALLY took a nap yesterday (yay!) so she didn't want to go to bed...and then she wakes up at 7am...her new thing is to wake everybody up early "because the sun's awake"...apparantly you can't be sleeping if the sun's awake...she's so cute!

But on a brighter note, I used my first wool cover last night! (I got some wool shorties FFS from the SWEETEST BBC momma!) and I am hooked on some wool! It was sooo soft, and E has been fighting a lingering rash, so I figured the airing out couldn't hurt...I want some more wool now :) It is sooo absorbant...

Well, off to go shopping with my LOs! I'll be back later...

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